Barefoot Friendly Doctors

We're constantly asked if we know barefoot friendly doctors around the country.  Through our travels, we've had the privilege of meeting many of these dedicated medical professionals. Yet, it seems as if more and more are coming on board everyday. Are you a barefoot friendly doc? If so, please shoot us an email and make an introduction! (If we've temporarily forgotten you, please forgive us as we get this website up and running. Thanks!)

This list is just the beginning...



Dr. Michael Merzenich




Dr. Nirenberg

New Jersey

Dr. Dana Webb
Bridgewater-Hillsborough Foot and Ankle
Green Knoll Professional Park, 720 Route 202-206 North
Bridgewater, NJ 08807


New York

Dr. Winston Wong
Forward Footcare Podiatry
225 West 35th St 2nd floor
(between 7 & 8th Aves., near Macy's)
New York, NY 10001



Dr. Ray McClanahan
Northwest Foot & Ankle
Portland, OR


Sports Medicine

Dr. Marc Silberman
NJ Sports Medicine
Gillette, NJ